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Agility training can be a minefield! Agility isn't just about the sport itself - there are LOTS of little bits and pieces that go into creating the perfect agility dog.

Below you will find my Online Programmes, Courses and PDF's. If you need more tailored training please see my website.

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You have access to the courses and PDF's for 1 year from date of purchase. 

Access to my 'REVOLUTION' programme is for the duration of the course. There is also an option to keep access to the course by joining my Quest for Success Membership. *access to both the REVOLUTION programme and Quest For Success Content ceases when membership ends.

If you are struggling with your agility dog and their behaviour then my FREE webinar below is the perfect place to start.

Happy training!

Katrina x

Available Products

Arousal and Problematic Agility Behaviour FREE Webinar!

FREE webinar which will help you to understand why your agility dog behaves the way they do!

Quest For Success Waiting Room!

Join the waiting room to be the first to know when the doors open again!!

If you are wanting more knowledge on how to put all the pieces in place for your agility dog, then my Quest For Success membership is for you!

Come along with us on our journey, you will get to see the highs and the lows! I will talk through the behaviour side of why certain things are happening and how we are going to move the training forward.

Along with this there will be lots of insights and information on how you can help your agility dog to be happier, more focused and successful!

There will be Facebook lives and informative webinars to help you to put your pieces in place for success!

Click the link below to join the waiting room, details of my next intake and exactly what is included will be sent directly to your email address!

Successful Start Lines

In this course we look at 3 different ways to train a start line for agility.

You may like one method over the others or you may wish to try them all to see which suits you and you dog best.

The course starts with an informative recorded webinar talking you through some all important information before you start.

Verbal Cue PDF

A 15 page booklet with illustrations for you to note down your verbal cues.

A handy reference point that you will refer to time and time again!

One Jump Skills

This course brings you different skills that can be easily trained and practiced at home with just 1 jump! Brilliant for those just starting out or if you need a little recap!

Skills covered in this course:

  • Forward Drive
  • Pivot Turn
  • Wing Wrap
  • Check Cue
  • Front Cross
  • Backside Slice (Round)
  • Call To Hand
  • Left and Right
  • The Blind
  • The German
  • Running On The Line
  • Tandem 

Games for Agility Success

This course has a range of games that you can play at home which will aid your agility training whilst having fun! Perfect for dogs new to agility or for those who are wanting a relationship boost!

Weave Training Guide

I have developed this comprehensive weave training guide to compliment my training.

I use the channel weaves method in this guide.

Weave training should not be started until your dog is fully grown.

Getting Started with Stop Contact Training

This course is designed to help you get started with your stop contact training.

A lot of these modules can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Covered in this course:

  • What Are Contacts?
  • Pre Contact Training
  • Teaching the Two on Two Off Position
  • Criteria, Value and Verbal Cues
  • Plank Work and Impulse Control
  • Adding Contacts into Sequences
  • Getting Started on the Kit
  • Putting Contacts Into A Course
  • Troubleshooting
  • The See Saw

Listen to my Podcast Here

In my podcast I discuss various topics that will help you to understand your agility dog, build a fantastic relationship and.....

Put All The Pieces In Place For Success!

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